Why does hStock change commission?

Why does hStock change commission?

Why does hStock change commission?

You will probably ask this question, so we are in a hurry to share some info: initially hStock was planned as an advertisement board, but later we realized that we need to make a platform for flawless sale of accounts, promo codes, proxies and many other things! And hStock has been a place where you can easily buy and sell digital goods for more than a year.

Over the past year you may have noticed a huge number of changes on the website, as well as an improvement of its functionality. We worked hard to attract new users and also dealt with new and important functions for stores and their owners. Let’s take a look at some of them:

- Statistics in stores’ personal accounts. Now you can sell much more efficiently, because you will see the whole picture of a each product, which means it will be easier to respond to the customers’ behavior and adapt to the market

- Ability to respond to customer feedback. It affects store’s reputation, sales, and conversion

- Chats with stores. It will help users find out information about the product in advance and choose your store

- Onboarding for new users. This will help engage a beginner quickly and make the first purchase in the store

- Wholesale prices. For those who are ready to buy a lot from you

- Notification of low goods quantity. Allows you to monitor remaining commodities. Just a couple of clicks will help keep customers and earn more

- Search Filter Upgrade

- Integration with made it possible for stores to sell their accounts on the leading platform of online activations.

Over the past year, due to all the listed things stores sold 13 million goods and reached x5 monthly sales increase. In addition, the 100,000th user was registered on our website in April!

We comprehend that in order to continue to move at the same pace, improve quality of the service, release new features and increase the number of users, we need more resources.

We have decided to increase the commission from June 1, 2022 at 15:00. Now it will look like this:

- No rank - 12%

- 3d Rank - 10%

- 2d Rank - 8%

- 1st Rank - 6%


Thanks to that you can expect next features this year:

- Possibility to make payments directly through Qiwi. Now stores don't have to pay withdrawal fees

- New user registration and authorization

- A universal store API that will allow you to sell on various platforms

- Modernization of statistics

- Updated personal account of the store

- Telegram bot for store owners to run the business in handy

- New digital product categories will be added


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We meet on June 2 at 16:00 to 17:00 (Moscow time) at the online conference in the project's Telegram channel.