Launching Facebook Ads campaign in 2024

Launching Facebook Ads campaign in 2024

This article does not provide info upon farming methods, adding payment methods, bypassing advertising restrictions, connecting BM to your Facebook account, etc. You can find all this information on our blog in other articles. This time we assume that you have already set everything up, purchased the necessary things and got ready to launch.

Just note that we strongly recommend using an antidetect browser, high-quality proxies and warmed-up Facebook accounts as well as ready-made BMs on of the "Facebook" category. 

As for the guide itself, we will tell you about launching an advertising campaign step by step.


  1. Open the antidetect browser and go to your BM 
  2. Go to All Tools, then to billing&payments and add your payment card. We recommend using a card that matches the geo of the account and proxy.
  3. Then go to and create a new advertising BM account. Or you can use the already purchased ones.
  4. You should also have a Fan Page available or create a new one. Remember that it is required to warm up a new fan page.


Setting up and launch ad campaign

  1. We are in the advertising account! Click on "Create"
  2. Choose an objective of your ads campaign
  3. Give a name to our campaign, set daily or total advertising budget, click Next
  4. Set up the objectives, placements, geo, demographics, audience targeting and other factors of your campaign. Click Next
  5. Proceed to creating an ad. Choose a fan page, choose the desired format in the ad setup box, choose banner in the ad creative box, write a text, insert your link. Click Publish
  6. Click Publish one more time! Your campaign has been sent to moderation!




Facebook ads is huge, multifaceted and gives advertisers a lot of customization options for testing bundles and creatives in ad campaigns. Don't limit yourself to one banner and text, test different placements, ads and adsets, don't forget about high-quality ready-made FB accounts on and everything will definitely work out!