Buy Google accounts or create your own ones - which is better?

Buy Google accounts or create your own ones - which is better?


Google accounts are a key tool for business and marketing in the modern digital world. They provide access to powerful promotional services that can significantly improve visibility and sales.

Reasons to buy Google accounts

Purchase of ready-made Google accounts ensures significant benefits:

  1. Fast moderation, no initial restrictions: ready-made accounts often bypass long-lasting verification and have fewer restrictions on ads.

  2. Access to certificates and discounts: accounts with a history can have access to promotions, which reduces advertising expenses.

  3. Account in any country: choose a ready-made account registered in the country you are willing to analyze and work with external markets.

Multi-accounting and advanced usage

Google accounts are also used for multi-accounting, which means managing multiple accounts to diversify your marketing strategies, which is important in a highly competitive and strict Google environment. In addition, accounts can be used for:

  • Direct advertising and crowd marketing: launch advertising and PR campaigns through various platforms and forums to improve SEO and increase visibility.

  • Registrations on third-party platforms: create accounts on various services and platforms, increasing reach and content distribution.

  • Use for boosting indicators: in addition to direct marketing, purchased Google accounts can be effectively used for performance boosting on social networks and other platforms, increasing the popularity of products or services.

  • Risks of self-registration: creating new accounts comes with the risk of strict checks and restrictions, which can slow down or even eliminate your advertising efforts. 

We offer - Ready-made Google accounts

Each account is adopted to different business needs. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your purpose and type of business. 

Types of Google Accounts:

  1. Newly registered: these are freshly created accounts, ideal for start-up projects that want to start from scratch. They are especially useful for testing new campaigns with minimal risk.

  2. Old and verified accounts: these accounts have a history of use, and in most cases they have already passed initial moderation. This fact makes them reliable and preferred for launching large advertising campaigns. They may also include certificates and special offers from Google.

  3. Accounts with different geolocation: provide the ability to target audiences in a specific region, which is especially important for localized marketing strategies or companies looking to expand into new markets.

  4. Accounts confirmed by SMS without the need to get a code: these accounts offer extra convenience, since they do not require additional verification, thus simplifying the login and use process.

How to choose an appropriate account

Choosing the right type of Google account depends on several factors:

  • Campaign goals: determine whether you need an account to test new ideas or to scale up proven strategies.

  • Budget: accounts which exist for a long time may cost more because of their proven performance and history, while new accounts will be more affordable.

  • Geo focus: if your campaign targets a specific region, choose an account with the appropriate geolocation to improve ads results.

  • Verification requirements: consider how important it is for you to be able to quickly access your account without additional verification steps.

Considering these factors, you can choose the most appropriate type of accounts for your specific needs.

Registering Google accounts on your own

For those who prefer creating Google accounts by themselves, we offer a number of tools and resources that will make the process much easier and more efficient.

Required consumables and tools for registrations

  • Virtual Numbers: use the Sms-Activate service to get a virtual number, which will be necessary to verify your Google account. This is the basis, as it won't work out without a phone number.

  • Clean proxies: your phone number should match your geolocation, so it is important to change your IP to match the country of your disposable phone number. Use any of the reliable services, such as

  • Software to simplify manual registration: as for those who prefer a more controlled approach and manual work, we offer tools that help automate some separate steps, such as data entry or receiving and entering confirmation codes.
    For example: TinyTask, AutoHotkey, UI.Vision RPA.

Google in marketing

  • Ad campaigns through Google AdWords: they allow you to carefully set up your ad campaigns, making it the perfect tool to engage your target audience and increase sales.

  • SEO and analytics through Google Analytics: provides detailed data on traffic and user behavior, which helps improve SEO and increase organic traffic of the site.

  • Local Marketing through Google My Business: improves the local presence of a business by increasing its visibility and facilitating customer interaction through Google Search and Maps.

What's the conclusion?

Advantages of buying ready-made accounts:

  • Faster moderation and fewer restrictions: ready-made accounts often have a history, which speeds up the moderation process and reduces advertising restrictions.

  • Access to special offers: purchased accounts can provide access to ads credits and special offers, reducing initial marketing costs.

  • Avoiding the risk of bans: old accounts are less likely to get banned due to Google's strict policies.

Disadvantages of buying ready-made accounts:

  • Price: high-quality account registration is a kind of work that requires investment, so ready-made accounts are often more expensive than self-registered accounts due to their benefits.

  • Potential Risks: there is a risk of account ban. In this case you may not be able to restore your account. Carefully study the product description, contact the seller if necessary.

Creating new accounts:

  • Full control and flexibility: when creating new accounts, you are in full control of the process and can customize them to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • No previous history: new accounts carry no risk of previous usage issues.

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