How to launch Google Ads in 2024

How to launch Google Ads in 2024


In March 2022 Google ads stopped showing ads on the Russian geo, as well as restricted replenishments from Russian bank cards and other methods.

Alternative options have been found quickly, as aggregators like elama,, getuniq, etc. offered their solutions. But difficulties occurred there as well.

At the beginning of September 2023 accounts started to be sent for identity verification of the advertiser. So, when entering the data of companies registered in Russia, you get a ban...

What to do if a marketing specialist needs to launch Google ads in 2024 for any other geo except Russia? We will tell you in this article.


Let's start with the most important thing which is consumables. These are the tools and services we need to launch ads.

1. Proxies. We recommend mobile proxies - high trust level, IP rotation every 10 minutes, low fraudscore, stable speed.

2. Google accounts. Get them here Geo of proxy IP and geo of account should coincide.

3. Virtual numbers service 

4. Antidetect browser. There are quite a lot of them such as indigo, multilogin, dolphin anty, octo browser...use one of them according to your wish and possibilities.

5. Virtual cards service. There are a large number of services. This guide takes as an example.


First of all, it is important to understand one simple thing - farming is a creative process, so if something works out for you, it doesn't mean that the same thing will work out for others and vice versa. It is because Google is fast enough to learn, so you don't have to follow exactly the same actions described below. There is a certain knowledge base which you can use for your experiments and tests.

Day 1

  1. After creating an account in an antidetect browser and proxy settings, you need to enter your account and start surfing sites. 50-70 sites will be enough for the start. Collect some cookies to increase trust.

  2. After basic surfing go to the page And here we have 2 options:

a) ready-made accounts. We buy a google account on, log in, use services (google tables, podcast, youtube) and so on. It is also recommended to change your backup email in the "security" section to your own prepared one, because sometimes accounts can be logged out and you need to be ready to confirm your backup email.

b) creating a new account from scratch.When registering you will have to confirm your phone number. Buy it on Geo of numbers should coincide with the geo of your proxy, but it is not crucial, you can use numbers of neighboring countries. Then repeat the same process, surfing sites, google services, etc.

A ready-made account or a new one? There is no definite answer, it is recommended to test both options. New accounts require more farming actions, non-use time and surfing.

Day 2

The next day you log in to the account, surf a little and you can start adding your payment card. The card should be created in advance in a payment service. As for this guide, it is

Anyway, there is no universal approach to which of the Google services your card should be binded, if it is directly in (sometimes it is required to pass 2FA + it is necessary to create and save backup codes for subsequent verifications, if your phone number is disposable), or through the google ads or in one of the Google services. It is necessary and important to test different ways.

Day 3

Log in to the account, surf a little, then go to or to create an MCC account. Stay in the ads account for about 15-20 minutes, click different buttons and functions and read various FAQs. The task is to imitate actions of a live new user. After that you do not upload any advertising campaigns, but just bind your card (there is one in google payments already). 

IMPORTANT! There should be at least 50$ on the card for a test payment which will be paid back within a day.

Days 4-6. 

Do not use your account at all. Yes, this is important. Let the google ads account wait with an added card for at least 72 hours. At the same time, it is also desirable not to forget about farming and surfing sites as well as google services.


Day 7

Now you have a fairly well warmed up account, so after farming a little you can upload the first advertising campaign. It is better to choose the geo of your account and proxy. Any legal, transparent spheres, such as flower store or bicycle repair will do. It is up to you. The daily budget of the campaign should be no more than 7-10$.

You think you won't get banned, right? But you will! And that's ok, that's how Google reacts to almost all new accounts nowadays. The important thing is to remove this ban. Wait for a few hours and write an appeal in the same language as the geo of account. Use as simple words as possible, like "I do not understand why I see this sign, why I was banned, etc.". Wait for a reply.

Day 8-11

Sometimes accounts which are going through an appellation, become available within 24 hours, sometimes they are stuck for weeks...but usually it's 3-5 days. If everything is ok with your card and your sphere is not prohibited by the rules of Google ads, your account gets rid of a ban and continues to work.

Day 11-14

It is better not to immediately change the domain after reactivating your account. Just spend a little (10-20$) attracting traffic on the first campaign.

Day 15-.....

You can warm up the account a little more and launch the domain you need


As you can see, proper persistence and step-by-step, not difficult actions provided, when using quality consumables, Google ads can be launched and it successfully works. In conclusion, there are a few more simple recommendations:

  • you can run ads directly on the domain you need if you are sure that the sphere does not violate any rules. There are good chances to remove the ban

  • it is recommended to keep at least 5 accounts simultaneously, since if you will have to pass identity verification, and in case you do not pass it, you will need more accounts.

  • even if you get the 2nd ban for "bypassing the system" - feel free to write an appeal. Patiently go through all bans, then you will work with no problems

  • high-quality, not cheap consumables are the key to success.