Use Netflix outside the available regions!

Use Netflix outside the available regions!


Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world which provides access to a huge range of movies, TV series, documentaries and original content. Launched in 1997 in the United States as a mail-order DVD rental service, Netflix has now become extremely popular on the net.

Despite the popularity of the service, there are regions where access to Netflix is restricted. In this article we will tell you how to watch your favorite movies, why you need proxies and VPN services, as well as how to access Netflix content from anywhere in the world with the help of

Preparing to use Netflix outside of permitted regions

In order to use an inaccessible Netflix, you'll need a reliable proxy service that can help you bypass the platform's geographical limitations, and this fact is certain.

One of such services is

The Netflix service is not available in the following countries and regions:

North Korea

Your network name and address play a key role in helping you access Netflix from anywhere in the world.

When choosing a proxy provider for Netflix, it is important to consider several aspects:

  1. Connection speed and stability: a good proxy provider should ensure high connection speed and stability, so that users can enjoy their browsing experience without interruptions and delays.

  2. Wide choice of servers: it is important that a provider has the necessary choice of servers in different countries to use the one you need now.

  3. Security and privacy: a proxy provider should guarantee a high level of security and data protection to all users, so that they can feel confident when using its service.

At this stage, you can choose an account with a valid subscription on the Netflix product page. 

Using a purchased account with a subscription and a proxy that matches your geo, you get access to the desired content!

If you are going to create an account on your own

Creating a new account in the appropriate part of the world is not enough. You have to purchase a subscription to access all content.

Options to pay for your Netflix subscription:

  • Using an international bank card: if you have a card from a foreign bank, you can use it to pay for your Netflix subscription. Just add the card to your account and follow the instructions on the website to complete the payment.

  • Replenishment via virtual cards: you can use virtual cards such as Turkish Oldubil to top up your Netflix account. Before creating a card and sending money, check if you can pay for Netflix using this service, as the rules of all platforms change frequently.

  • Transferring money through third parties: you should be careful and choose verified resources to avoid fraud. Unverified platforms may not only fail to provide the service, but also steal users' personal data or money. 

The listed subscription payment methods work, but they suppose taking some risks, such as account bans or loss of funds.

Our platform has relevant experience, provides a guarantee and responsive customer service. Payments are completely secure. Also, to increase privacy, top up with crypto is available.

Our Solutions Marketplace offers products that can solve the problem.

Ready-made account with subscription.
It is the most reliable option, as we've mentioned above. A ready-to-be-used account, everything is included, you just need to change the IP and enjoy the content.


Gift Cards.

Activate special top-up cards and enjoy premium subscription on your account. It is really convenient if you already have an account with the balance to top up.


Anyway, you will have to set up a connection to a VPN or a proxy server. It's not difficult to do, there are plenty of instructions on the Internet.

Possible problems and solutions when bypassing Netflix blocking:

When you have already chosen a way to get to your favorite series and prepared everything, then it is time to get acquainted with the nuances.

  • Low internet connection speed: to solve this problem, try to choose another server with a higher bandwidth.

  • Blocked connection: Netflix may sometimes block known VPN IP addresses, which can make it impossible to access the service. Try choosing a different server or contact your VPN provider's support for assistance.

  • Geographical Content Restrictions: some content on Netflix may not be available in certain countries due to geographical restrictions. In this case, try choosing a server in a country where the content is available.

  • Take language and subtitles into consideration: if you want to watch content in a certain language and certain subtitles, consider the availability of localized content in the regional version of Netflix.

Choosing a region to watch content on Netflix depends on your preferences and interests.