Guide to buying Steam accounts

Guide to buying Steam accounts


Buying Steam accounts is becoming an increasingly common practice among gamers who appreciate saving time and money, who want to get access to a wide choice of games without extra expenses. However, before making a purchase, it's important to study some key points that can affect your choice and satisfaction with the account you purchase. We'll take a look at the main factors to consider when buying a Steam account, and explore why our marketplace is a great place for such purchases.

Preparing to buy an account

Before you purchase a Steam account, it's important to determine your needs and preferences. By the time you are willing to purchase, you should have an idea of what games, or features you are interested in and what amount you are ready to pay. This will help you narrow your search area and make the right choice. Don't forget to check information about regional restrictions for the games you are looking for and prepare to bypass the restrictions.


Usually all important information is located in a product description.

Study available offers

When you have realized your needs, it is time to study offers on the market. Pay attention to the number of games attached to the account, their genres, ratings and reviews. Availability of in-game items that can later be sold on the trading platform (if you have the appropriate permits) is no less important. Also, pay attention to the price of an account and compare it to similar offers. Our marketplace offers a wide range of Steam accounts at competitive prices, as well as guarantees the safety of transactions and high quality of items.

What kind of Steam accounts exist?

Our marketplace provides a variety of options for purchasing Steam accounts, including accounts with games, money on balance or completely new and clean.

Security check

One of the key parameters one should pay attention to when buying a Steam account is its security. Make sure that the seller provides you with all the necessary information to access the account, and also check that they will be able to provide a secure change of login data. Our marketplace ensures a secure deal guarantee, so you can be sure that your account will be given to you safely and with no risks.

Pay special attention to an account's condition.

There are several restrictions in the Steam world that are important to consider. They can affect your ability to share and use Steam features. So, it is worth investigating their causes and effects.

  • Exchange Hold. The transfer of items is held back if you can't protect your account with the Steam Guard mobile authentication. These measures will save your items if your account is hacked, thus allowing you to cancel suspicious transactions.
  • Accounts with limited functions. These accounts cannot perform certain actions in Steam. It is done to protect users from spam and phishing.
  • Recent device authorization. After logging into your account with a new device, you cannot trade or use a marketplace for 7 days.
  • Recently activated Steam Guard. If you have recently activated Steam Guard or deactivated it, you won't be able to use the store for some time.
  • Recent password reset. If you reset your password, you won't be able to use the marketplace for 5 days.
  • Adding a mobile authenticator. Applying this extra security measure will hold transactions for 15 days.
  • First purchase. To get access to the market, you have to make at least one purchase no later than 7 days ago.
  • Banned on the exchange/in the community. Accounts that are banned on the trading platform can't use the marketplace.
  • Detailed info is always available on the Steam website

Communication with sellers

Before making a purchase, contact the seller and ask any questions you may have about an item. Discuss the details of the transaction, clarify the terms and services you expect to get. Our marketplace provides convenient tools for communication between buyers and sellers, making the buying process more transparent and efficient.

Finishing the transaction

When all details of a transaction have been discussed and you are sure about your choice, complete your purchase by following the instructions of our marketplace. After successful completion of the transaction, you will get access to your Steam account, and you will be able to enjoy games without unnecessary expenses and difficulties.

Once you get all the necessary login data, go check your purchase. Checking an item is one of the most important steps, so we provide a short instruction:

  1. Check the seller's rating: before making a purchase, be sure to study the seller's rating and reviews on our marketplace or other platforms. This will help you determine the seller's reliability and honesty.

  2. Access your account: make sure you are able to log in to your account and view its contents.

  3. Check your account history: check your account history to make sure your account has not been banned or otherwise restricted. Note the dates of last logins, dates of game purchases, and game activity.

  4. Check games and add-ons: make sure the account contains all the games and items that were described in the listing. Review the list of games and make sure they are all available in the account.

  5. Check Games and Marketplace Status: check status of the games on the account. Make sure the games are not blocked and the marketplace is available.

  6. Conduct a Test Play: if possible, play one of the games on the account to make sure everything is working correctly and without any issues.


Buying Steam accounts is a great way to get access to a wide choice of games without additional cost or effort. However, it's important to remember about safety and awareness when choosing and purchasing an account. Our marketplace offers convenient terms and secure deals, making the buying process as comfortable and reliable as possible.

Visit our platform and choose your Steam account!