How to farm Facebook accounts in 2024

How to farm Facebook accounts in 2024

Let's start with the fact that creating high-quality accounts for social media plays an important role in their successful functioning.

These accounts, which are recognized as real ones by social media algorithms, have a row of advantages:

  1. Passing moderation becomes easier, which reduces manual ads check.

  2. The ability to add more ad campaigns to a single business manager.

  3. Increasing budget aimed at holding ad campaigns for a specific account.

  4. Increasing account lifespan, which is important to avoid blocking by social networks' antifraud systems.

Despite the fact that accounts can't exist forever because of the constantly updated antifraud systems, high-quality farming allows you to prolong their lifespan and minimize the risk of blocking.

There are several types of accounts, depending on their quality and time of creation:

  1. Auto registered accounts are accounts which have been created automatically with the help of special software. They do not have no real owners. These accounts can be empty or may contain some information, but their trust and lifespan are initially minimal. They need to be warmed up before use.

  2. Fresh accounts  are those ones created manually or automatically, but the time between registration and sale. is minimal. These accounts require further warm up and completion.

  3. Retrieve means accounts obtained in a fraudulent way and they may include brutes (hacked accounts) or logs (accounts using cookies and proxies), as well as accounts with their own history of use.

One should take into consideration a number of risks when working with such accounts:

  1. The same account can be sold to multiple people, which creates the possibility of conflicts and loss of access to the account in the future.

  2. The real owner of an account may try to regain access to the account at any time, which can lead to problems with using this account. 

  3. Using such accounts is not recommended due to the risk of identity theft and possible legal consequences. 

  • Rental accounts are real accounts of people who have agreed to provide access to these accounts, either for a reward or for free. 
  • When using rental accounts, you need to consider their maximum trust and cost. Passed ads prohibition accounts are those ones that have been verified after being restricted from advertising. It gives them more trust and cost compared to regular farmed accounts. 
  • Kings (moms) are high-quality accounts with almost no risk of being blocked. They have a warmed up profile, a launched business manager, and a passed ads prohibition verification. Such an account is the most reliable option for use in advertising campaigns.

When preparing for account farming, you should take into consideration the following facts:

  • Manual account farming requires an antidetect browser that ensures confidence in the quality of created accounts and saves your money significantly.

  • It is important to use proxy servers, preferably mobile or residential. It should be a separate proxy for each account.

  • To activate accounts, you need new SIM cards and email addresses that have not been used before. Phone numbers must correspond to the geo location of the account.

  • You need to provide payment information and add it to your accounts.

  • To create a profile, you need to prepare 5-10 photos of one person that are not publicly available, clear them of metadata and edit them. These steps will help ensure high-quality preparation of accounts for advertising on social networks, which will save time and money in the future.

Facebook's security system is constantly developing and analyzing users' behavior, revealing regular actions and similar patterns. That's why there is no universal template that will always be successful in traffic arbitrage. Old methods stop working, and it is always necessary to come up with new strategies. Therefore, farming requires constant learning and testing of new approaches.

Before registering an account, you need to prepare tabs in your antidetect browser for each account, considering geo settings. You also need to configure mail and bind the appropriate phone number. After that, you need to collect cookies by visiting 20-30 sites using the Facebook pixel to simulate the activity of a real user. This process should look natural to avoid detecting standard patterns by the Facebook system. Next, you can start registration, which can be performed on Facebook itself or through third-party sites. After creating an account, it is necessary to fill out all personal data, upload a photo, scroll through the feed and subscribe to several groups. Update your profile and leave your account for a few days.

  1. If necessary, finish filling the profile information and continue scrolling through the feed, watch photos and videos, like (5-10 a day; perhaps more, depending on the amount of content viewed).

  2. Write different comments under posts, repost content and subscribe to some groups with moderate activity, which a person can be interested in. It is necessary to imitate the actions of an ordinary user.

  3. Add friends by opening the recommendations section and sending requests to those you really know. Do not add more than 30 people a day to avoid unusual behavior.

  4. Publish a variety of posts on your page. For example, about cars, travel, animals. It is best to use photos taken from a mobile device containing metadata.

  5. Continue online activity and visit sites with a Facebook pixel. It is recommended to register on these sites using your Facebook account.

  6. Reduce activity during the weekends to imitate leisure time. By consuming and reacting to various content, users demonstrate their interests to Facebook, and the service uses this information to target ads.

You can create aFan page in about a week by subscribing to theme groups and reposting several sales videos in advance. It is also recommended to take a course on advertising on Meta Blueprint and add books about sales to the shopping cart on some stores websites.

After creating the Fan page you can start publishing posts. It is important that the content is neutral and preferably related to the offer. In a few days you can try to run ads with a minimum budget for some time.

After that, proceed to the creation of the Business Manager and confirm your identity if it is necessary.

Usually, preparing a high-quality account takes about two weeks, but if you wish, you can farm it longer. Before launching an advertising campaign, let your accounts be absolutely not active for 1-2 days.

Interact with other users: communicate, block, complain about users, repost content, etc. Take your time, imitating user activity should look natural and organic. Each profile needs its own proxy and its own card. To increase trust from Facebook algorithms, it is better to expand the boundaries of actions (create an Instagram account using a Facebook account, log in to various websites using this account). Don't top up your balance with a big amount at once and do not take an immediate interest in advertising features. Imitate the actions of a real user.

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Our tips will help you master the process of farming accounts and develop a simple and convenient algorithm of actions. However, remember that each farming process is unique, and requires constant tests and optimization, as such platforms as Facebook are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to identify unscrupulous users.