How to improve your reputation on review sites in 2024. SERM

How to improve your reputation on review sites in 2024. SERM

Before becoming a client of any company or buying something, a user almost always reads reviews about this company on various resources and sites. It is no secret, in 2024 the reputation of a brand is more important than ever and in the conditions of wild competition any company seeks to improve its reputation on the Internet.

In this article we will tell you how to improve the reputation of the company in online reviews

How to improve your company's online reputation


these are the tools and services you need to get up and running.

  1. Proxies. We recommend mobile or resident - high trust, IP rotation every 10 minutes, low fraudscore, stable speed.


  1. Accounts. You will definitely need gmail and telegram accounts to register on feedback sites.

  1. Antidetect browser. We recommend the well known indigo, dolphin anty, octo browser...use at your discretion and capabilities

Step by step instruction

Basically all review sites have a classic registration - enter nickname, email, password, pass authorization. Exception - "otzovik"service, it requires registration through a telegram account, which should be prepared for you in advance.

  1. Create a profile in your antidetect browser, enter the proxies  

  2. Go to the profile, go to the google account. 

  3. Register on different site reviews within one profile.

  4. Write some 1-2 neutral-positive reviews on any services and give a pause of 1-2 days. In general, that’s a little farming

  5. Write a review for the service you need. 

  6. Repeat steps 1-5
  • Reviews should be native, not template, not idealizing the service. Put yourself in the shoes of a real user, what he liked, and what can be improved? 
  • Do not always put the maximum rating of the service, sometimes "4" sometimes "5". 
  • In one profile in antidetect you can leave only 1 review for the service we need.

   So, as a result of such careful and unhurried work, you can smoothly improve your reputation on almost all reviews. Remember that your reviews should be as different in style as possible, should be unique on each platform because anti-fraud systems and moderators as quickly as possible "fall" similar and delete them instantly! It is desirable between reviews to pause for a few days, do not spam reviews service, you risk getting banned!