Buying VK accounts: what kinds of them are there, why are they needed?

Buying VK accounts: what kinds of them are there, why are they needed?

Amateur online promoters often limit themselves to using only their main account on the VKontakte social network. That may be enough for small projects where not a lot of activity is required. However, if your business or project requires a large-scale and more active online presence, you should pay attention to buying accounts.

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Purchased VKontakte accounts can significantly expand the capabilities of your business or project, allowing you to attract more traffic and achieve higher conversion rates. Nevertheless, before buying, it is important to understand what types of accounts exist and what purposes they can be used for.

Let's take a look at the main types of VKontakte accounts that are available for purchase, as well as their possible use cases.


These are old VKontakte accounts with history and friends that have been restored from a temporary spam block or other sources. These pages, which belonged to real users, were temporarily frozen and then unblocked with the help of virtual numbers. Retrieves are considered expensive because of their history and activity period. They can be useful for creating trust in your brand or project due to the long history of activity.

Spam block

These are accounts blocked by VKontakte for violating rules, but they have a chance to be unfrozen with a phone number. Spam blocks usually have some activity history, but their main advantage is that they are available at a lower price compared to retrieves. They can be useful for temporary projects or tasks where a large number of accounts is required.


These are real accounts access to which was gained by means of fake accounts or using other methods. They can be useful for not big tasks, such as boosting likes, taking part in surveys or reposting. But one should remember that you will not be able to fully access such accounts due to the possible actions of real owners.


These are hacked VKontakte accounts binded to a phone number. Until the owner detects that their account has been hacked, you can actively use it without any risks. They can be useful for long-term projects or tasks that require active interaction with the audience.

Not active

These are accounts without an added phone number, each action of which will require to pass captcha. They can be useful if you need many accounts for automated tasks, but you should bear in mind that using such accounts can take additional time to enter captcha.

Auto registered accounts

These are accounts registered in big quantities with the help of special software and virtual numbers. They can be useful when you work with the target audience, boost or promote accounts and do mailings. But you should be careful when using such accounts so as not to be banned by VKontakte algorithms.

Choosing the right type of account depends on the specific goals of your project, the budget and the risks you are ready to take. Before buying accounts, it is important to consider all possible options and choose the most suitable one for your exact needs.

Use purchased accounts for:

  1. Brand or Product promotion

  2. Joining communities and groups

  3. Organization of contests and promo actions

  4. Supporting communities and public pages

  5. Providing feedback and communicating with clients

  6. Conducting studies and surveys

  7. Creating content 

  8. Conducting market research

  9. Participation in partner programs

  10. Testing ads campaigns

You will find more useful information on the pages of our marketplace. Before making a purchase, you can contact the seller directly to clarify some information on an item.