Messaging in Telegram is an effective way of online marketing

Messaging in Telegram is an effective way of online marketing

Telegram messaging performs several important functions. We will consider only the main ones:

  • Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty so that you are not forgotten, regularly remind about your products through messages;

  • Sending group and personal messages;

  • Get feedback from customers: conduct a survey or answer users’ questions. This is how you get to know your audience better;

  • Increasing sales: traffic from Telegram can be directed to your own or partner services, sites and applications for further monetization;

  • Notification of users about certain events, promotions, discounts, new products.


Telegram – бесплатный мессенджер, пользоваться которым можно как на телефоне, так и на стационарном компьютере.

Advantages of this method

You can ask how mailings in Telegram differ from other methods of promotion? If you compare them with, let’s say, email mailings, you can distinguish a number of advantages.

Hitting the spot

Your messages will definitely reach your audience, they will not get in spam folders and will be certainly read. Even if the user turns off sound notifications, an icon will continue to hang near all unread incoming messages, and the messenger itself will display the number of messages. To remove these figures, the letters will have to be opened and reviewed to the end, so they will catch the users’ eye anyway.

Affordable price

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Mass messaging in Telegram is much cheaper, as you do not have to pay for special sending services, buy html templates, use some special design, attract professional copywriters and designers, use paid services with a built-in letter editor. Everything is much simpler here, since you will only need text, attachment and emojis. All this can be found/created by yourself or ordered from a freelancer at a minimum price. As for the implementation of the messaging itself, the process can be easily automated, because there are many services to do that (for example, tg_soft v2.0).

Types of messaging in Telegram

When you decide to use this promotion tool, be sure to familiarize yourself with its varieties:

  • Promo messaging - introduces new company offers to customers;

  • Personalized messages serve to confirm transactions, provide information about personal discounts, order status, etc. They are carried out by using bots;

  • Tutorials are an excellent choice for those engaged in online training or education;

  • Informational messages contain reviews, texts with links, author's notes;

  • News - tell about the latest events in the company.

By the way, messaging ways are divided into mass ones and those that are designed for a specific user base.

Messaging set up

You can set up messaging in Telegram in several ways: personal messages, groups/chats and channels. The built-in functionality of the messenger is free. You will only have to pay for the use of third-party software. If you want this way of promotion to reach expected effect, take a look at these tips:

  • Don't do direct sales, as ads should be native;

  • Post interesting and high-quality content;

  • Make daily updates;

  • Do not send too many advertising messages, as this will lead to a massive unsubscriptions and complaints;

  • Do not send messages to an unfamiliar segment of users, cause you can get a ban far that;

  • Choose groups and chats with a "live" and active audience;

  • Implement mass messaging no more often than once a week.

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