How to identify and remove shadow ban on TikTok?

How to identify and remove shadow ban on TikTok?


We are now going to dive into the world of TikTok and look at a frequently occurring problem, which is shadow ban. We will find out what a shadow ban is, how to detect it and what to do if you encounter this problem. You will learn about the impact of a shadow ban on your TikTok account and learn how to deal with it effectively to continue growing and attracting an audience on this platform.

What shadow ban is and how to identify it

A shadow ban in TikTok is a restriction that prevents an account's videos from being shown in the platform's feed. 

This means that a user's videos will not be displayed to the general audience, and only their subscribers will see the content. This situation makes it difficult to attract new users with conditionally free traffic (CFT), which can significantly slow down the growth of an account.

You can identify a shadow ban by the following signs:

  1. Lack of views: if all videos on your account have no or have just a few views, it may be a sign that your account has got a shadow ban.

  2. Recent account start: shadow banning often happens to new accounts that have just started posting videos. Therefore, if your account only has new videos, this could be a sign that it is susceptible to a shadow ban.

  3. Deleting comments: if comments of your account under other people's videos are deleted, this may also be a sign of a shadow ban.

TikTok does not send notifications of shadow bans, unlike it is done with a regular blocking. Therefore, it is important to actively monitor statistics on the first stages, which will make it easier to identify such bans. To do this, it is recommended to switch to a Pro account by going to the "Account Management" section and choosing the appropriate option. After activating the Pro account, the "Analytics" tab will appear in the settings, which will allow you to monitor the account statistics in more detail.

Reasons for ShadowBan on TikTok

ShadowBan on TikTok can occur for various reasons related to violation of the rules and policies of using the platform. 

Let's consider the main reasons for a shadow ban:

  1. There are mistakes when setting up privacy: improperly setting up an account's privacy or using low-quality proxies can cause TikTok's algorithms to consider your account suspicious and limit its reach.

  2. Suspicious activities: boosting likes, subscribers or views, mass liking or comment spamming from accounts that are used for conditionally free traffic may be considered as unscrupulous behavior by TikTok algorithms and result in a shadow ban.

  3. Uploading videos from the gallery: shadow bans are more likely to occur with videos that are uploaded from the device's gallery. In such cases, the platform may consider the content as less original or low-quality, which may entail limiting its reach level.

  4. Improper use of hashtags: if you use too many hashtags, copy them randomly or don't match them to the gist of the content, this can also attract the attention of algorithms and cause a shadow ban.

  5. Plagiarism: publishing content that has already been published on the platform without properly making a content unique or copyright infringement can lead to a shadow ban of the account.

All of these actions can lead to the limitation of your account's reach by the platform's algorithms.

How to remove a shadow ban on TikTok

Removing a shadow ban on TikTok is not as easy as it seems, and users' involvement usually does not lead to the desired results. 

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What to do and what factors to consider:

  1. It is impossible to remove the ban by yourself: TikTok algorithms apply shadow bans, but official support channels do not make a decision. Therefore, trying to remove the restriction by contacting the customer service doesn't make sense.

  2. Keep publishing content: you should keep publishing high-quality content and wait for the restrictions to be removed. Updating your account regularly can help algorithms realize that your account is active and provides valuable content.

  3. Pay attention to the speed: when dealing with conditionally free traffic, speed is crucial. Creating a new account with unique content and IP address may be a better solution than trying to rescue an account from a shadow ban.

Removing a shadow ban on TikTok is a process that requires patience and a strategic approach. However, if you follow the right steps and keep on publishing high-quality content, there is a chance that the restrictions will be removed and your account can be restored to its former glory.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Is it possible to ensure 100% protection of TikTok accounts from a shadow ban? When working with conditionally free traffic and multi accounts, it is impossible to guarantee full protection against shadow banning. The factor of randomness plays an important role, and sometimes even if all the rules are followed, accounts can be restricted.
  2. Can a shadow ban appear on a steadily functioning account? If an account has received at least 50-100 views after publishing its first videos, the probability of a shadow ban is already reduced. However, even old accounts have a chance to face this problem, especially if the platform rules are violated.
  3. Does a drastic decrease of views mean getting a shadow ban? No, a sudden drop of views can be caused by the specifics of the TikTok smart feed algorithm. Even if the number of views has decreased to a few hundred, you shouldn't freak out. Keep publishing content, and sooner or later it will get back into the "Recommendations" section.
  4. How long does a shadow ban last on average? On average, a shadow ban lasts about two weeks. However, there is no exact timeframe and sometimes restrictions can last longer. Therefore, in some cases it is easier and more effective to create a new account with unique content and IP address than to wait for the restrictions to be removed from the current account.


TikTok shadow bans are a hidden restriction that prevents accounts from the growth of the audience and limits the possibility of attracting new users. 

We hope that the knowledge gained will help you upload content on the TikTok platform steadily and efficiently.