How to prepare telegram accounts for inviting and distribution

How to prepare telegram accounts for inviting and distribution

In this article, we will tell you which Telegram accounts can be used for inviting and mailings, how to start them correctly, set them up and make them work for a long time. Let's go!

Choosing telegram accounts

Go to the appropriate category and select the required number and geo of accounts. We recommend using tdata | session + json format. Do not buy an account right away, first go to the product page and study the rules of the store, the time for verification, the conditions for returning the goods, etc. After familiarization buy accounts

After purchase, we download the file and get links in this format:

Preparing telegram accounts for inviting and mailings

  1. Follow the links and download the archives into one folder

  2. Next, download and place in the same folder the latest Telegram Portable version from the official website -

  1. Unpack all the archives.
    It goes like this:

  1. We open the unpacked folder with the number and see the folder we need - "tdata". There is also a text file with the password for two-factor authorization, as stated in the product description

  1. The next step is to copy the telegram.exe file from the tportable folder into each folder with numbers

  1. Run telegram.exe in each folder - we have logged into 2 accounts!

  1. Then go to settings-confidentiality-cloud-password - create and save passwords. After that, go to "Active Sessions" and click "end all other sessions"

  2. Important! If you plan to use more than 3-4 accounts, you should use a proxy before launching, and the same country as the purchased account. Quality proxies can be purchased here

  3. After checking and setting up, we recommend to warm up the accounts a bit for a long and stable work.