Tap Games: The New Trend in Gaming. Creating a Farm with Hstock

Tap Games: The New Trend in Gaming. Creating a Farm with Hstock

Tap Games or Clickers are a new phenomenon in the world, gaining popularity due to their simplicity and earning potential. In this article, we will discuss what Tap Games are, why they became popular in 2024, and how to create a farm using Hstock resources.

Popularity of Tap Games in 2024

Tap Games are a genre of video games where the main gameplay involves repeatedly tapping the screen. Players earn in-game currencies by performing simple actions. This mechanic not only entertains but also allows for earning money.

Since the beginning of 2024, Tap Games like Hamster Kombat and Notcoin have gained massive popularity. Millions of users are diving into these games, attracted by the potential to earn and the simplicity of the gameplay.

History and Origin of Tap Games Mechanics

The idea for such games emerged from the desire to create a simple yet engaging game that would allow users to earn money. One of the first truly popular games in this genre was Cow Clicker. However, only the developers made money from this game by selling cow skins. Developers seemed to mock players by raising the prices of in-game images with almost no gameplay to incredible heights, and they were bought! Around that time, many realized that Tap Games were an ambitious business idea.

Evolution of the Tap-to-Earn Genre

The Tap-to-Earn genre evolved from simple clickers like Cookie Clicker, where the goal was merely to accumulate clicks. Now, it has become a full-fledged gaming ecosystem, incorporating elements of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, significantly increasing their appeal.

How Tap Games Actually Work and the Benefits for Creators

Tap Games operate based on an in-game economy where users earn coins by performing simple actions. Creators usually profit from ads, selling in-game items, transaction fees, or the difference in the price of the introduced "digital coin." Some games do not promise direct earnings but create a visible opportunity. Players then bring attention and increase the importance and profitability of such projects.

Why Tap Games Became Popular

Simplicity and Accessibility

Clicker games do not require complex skills or significant time investments, making them accessible to a broad audience. Many are willing to trade their free time for the chance to earn a few dollars, especially those with a lot of free time: children, the unemployed, retirees, and homemakers. This makes Tap Games particularly popular.

Social Aspects and User Engagement

Tap Games often include social elements like referral programs and competitions, which increase user engagement and retention. The desire to earn, stand out among friends, and the simple fear of missing out makes players spend more time tapping and leveling up.

The social aspect can be addressed with a farm by subscribing each new account to the previous ones.

Popular Tap Games in Telegram

Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a highly hyped game where users earn coins by tapping on an image of a hamster. The game includes elements of virtual cryptocurrency exchange promotion and social mechanics. Whether it will be profitable remains uncertain, but the level of attention gives hope.


Notcoin was one of the first popular Tap Games on Telegram. The game allowed earning in-game currency, which could be exchanged for real money in TON currency, which might now be useful for those working with Telegram. The event has ended, but you can still buy the cryptocurrency.


Several projects might interest you. Yescoin allows users to earn by completing simple tasks and participating in mini-games. The farmed coins can be exchanged for TON. We recommend studying this project in detail.


Blum attracts users with an internal game and earning Blum points, which can be exchanged for real money. Blum Crypto is an innovative trading platform integrated into the Telegram messenger. The project team has not yet released public information about the listing. Stay tuned.


Catizen is a popular play-to-earn game on Telegram, where you become the mayor and manage a virtual city of cats. The project has been on the market since January 2024, with an in-game income exceeding $10 million. The game has over 15 million users and more than 3.5 million daily active users.

Promises of Project Creators

Prospects and Plans of Developers

Developers of Tap Games promise further game development, adding new features, and listing tokens on exchanges. Some projects offer a chance to earn by cashing out the earned coins or playing on the value of the created coin or other digital asset.

Dangers and Risks of Tap Games

Risks of Cheating and Bans

Using auto-clickers and other schemes can lead to account bans and loss of earned funds. Be cautious and approach farming carefully. There have been cases where Hamster Kombat profiles were reset, leaving the owner without progress after adding many friends via referral. Organizers of such events often specify in the event rules all possible countermeasures against those who want to play unfairly.

To withdraw virtual earnings, you need to set up a cryptocurrency wallet that supports this currency.

Popular options:

  • Hardware wallets: Ledger, Trezor.
  • Software wallets: Trust Wallet, MetaMask.

If you created a farm, do not link wallets together to avoid the risk of a ban.

Possible Financial Losses

Investing time and money in Tap Games might not pay off, especially if the game loses popularity. Many Tap Games do not guarantee profits, and expenses might not be recouped at all. Creating a farm, buying accounts, subscriptions to anti-detect software, or other software can be quite costly if you want to maximize the effect.

Ethical and Legal Issues

Many Tap Games are unregulated, leading to fraud and other legal problems. Note that most projects are 18+, meaning minors might not receive any rewards. We strongly recommend carefully studying all legal nuances before investing in a project.

How to Create a Tap Game Farm with Hstock

Let's take the most popular Tap Game, Hamster Kombat, as an example.

Registration and Creating an Account

Start by registering an account on Telegram. This will give you access to the necessary resources and tools. You can use your personal phone number to register a new account. If you don't have a free phone number, use a virtual number service like sms-activate. However, it's much easier to buy ready-made accounts that have already aged and look like regular user profiles.

Downloading and Installing Necessary Applications

Download and install the necessary applications for farm management and auto-clickers. Hamster Kombat works only in the mobile version of Telegram, so you need an Android emulator that can run multiple devices simultaneously. We recommend one of the most popular emulators, BlueStacks. For automatic clicking, you can use any convenient software like TinyTask, AutoHotkey, UI.Vision RPA, and others.

Initial Setup and Optimization

Set up the applications for optimal performance, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. Create an algorithm where you can easily keep an emulator open with multiple generated devices, each running Telegram with an auto-clicker earning the desired coins.

Exchanging Referral Links

Use referral programs to increase income by attracting new users. Most Tap Games thrive on hype, and by attracting users, you can earn more in-game values. To effectively spread your invitation, share it with a wide audience through your personal blog, YouTube channel, and thematic chats and groups.

Tips for Managing Multiple Accounts

Use multiple accounts to increase income, but follow the game rules to avoid bans. For example, Hamster Kombat may have issues with using invite links in different profiles of one Telegram client. Also, try to organize clicking to resemble human behavior, with breaks and varying speeds. When your hamster is offline, it continues to automatically farm coins for only 3 hours, so consider this when setting up automation.

How to Track Income and Expenses

Keep track of income and expenses to optimize farm operations and increase profits. Organize Google Sheets to record financial transactions and your profit expectations, noting ideas and anticipated expenses. If you are at a stage where profitability can be calculated, plan further expenses. Remember, everything described above is high-risk and may not bring any profit at all.

Tips for Maximizing Profits

Use combo cards and bonuses to increase income. Properly selected cards can yield much more than tapping. Card sets are regularly updated, and you can find them by randomly buying everything or searching online for those who have already found and shared them.

Also, in the game, there are special codes that need to be entered using Morse code on the main screen. These codes are also regularly updated, but finding them randomly is almost impossible, so search online. How to start entering the code?

  • Tap "Tap Profit" in the top left corner three times.
  • Tap the hamster with long and short presses to enter letters, making short pauses between letters.
  • If the code is not accepted, try again, adjusting the press times (it can be tricky to get the timing right). There is no limit to the number of attempts.


Why Creating a Farm in Tap Games Can Be Profitable

Creating a farm in Tap Games can be a good source of income if you follow the right methods and use the available tools. Every day, more such projects emerge, and earning through clicks becomes more realistic than ever. However, this is only correct if the Tap Game indeed provides a valuable resource in the end, the organizers do not disappear, the coin gets listed, and so on.

Recommendations for Purchasing Accounts and Software on

Purchase necessary accounts and software on for maximum efficiency and security. We recommend using accounts with completed profiles, some activity, and corresponding to your geolocation.

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