How and why to increase number of followers on Telegram

How and why to increase number of followers on Telegram


Telegram is a messenger that is gaining more and more popularity each year. Its convenience, functionality and security make the app one of the leaders among all messengers. It is not only used for communication in personal chats, but also widely used in business for communication with clients, promotion of goods and services, as well as for the creation and development of personal brands.

In this article, we will consider the role and importance of boosting the number of followers on Telegram, as well as methods and strategies that will help you achieve success in this direction.

Why is increasing followers' number on Telegram necessary?

Gaining followers on Telegram plays a key role in building a successful channel or group. Here's why:

  1. Trust and Reputation: the more followers a channel has, the higher its credibility. The number of subscribers becomes a visual indicator of a channel's popularity and reputation. This is important for both personal brands and business accounts, as users tend to trust channels with more followers.

  2. Better search results: popular channels with more followers have higher rankings in Telegram's search results. This means they are more likely to show up in user recommendations and can be more easily found through the search line.

  3. Channel monetization: having a large number of subscribers makes a channel attractive to advertisers. A large audience means more potential customers, which makes the channel attractive for advertising and affiliate programs. Thus, recruiting subscribers opens up opportunities for channel monetization.

Ways to boost followers on Telegram

As for the world of Telegram, there are several methods that help to increase the number of followers on a channel or in a group. Let's study the main ones:

  1. Paid services and specialized software: there are specialized services and software that offer services of boosting the followers' number. They automate the process and allow you to attract the target audience, increasing the visibility and activity of your channel or group.

  2. Buying ready-made Telegram accounts: you can buy ready-made Telegram accounts on Hstock marketplace. This is a convenient and fast way to increase the number of followers, as you get an already established audience.
    There is also another way, which is to register accounts by yourself using virtual numbers, and then use these accounts for gaining followers. It is a little longer, but more cost-effective.

  1. Using free boosting programs: there are programs and services that offer to increase the number of followers for free, but you will have to perform certain tasks. For example, a user must subscribe to your channel in exchange for subscribing to their channel. This method may be more time-consuming, but it provides an opportunity to increase the number of subscribers without financial costs.

Benefits and risks of boosting followers

Gaining followers on Telegram can ensure significant benefits and carry potential risks at the same time. Let's take a closer look at each side.

Pros of boosting the number of followers:

  1. Increasing audience: increasing the number of followers helps you expand your audience, which in turn increases the reach and influence of your content.

  2. Raising credibility and reputation: a big number of subscribers creates an impression of popularity and authority of your channel or group, which helps to attract new subscribers and build trust among existing ones.

  3. Attracting advertisers: once your channel or group becomes popular and active, you can attract the attention of advertisers who are interested in placing their ads aimed at your audience, which can be a source of additional income. Remember that what matters to advertisers, at this point, is the quantity of views and reactions.

A good ER is your path to earnings. ER is an indicator of the level of audience engagement in a campaign activity, measured as a percentage of actions to the general reach.

Risks of increasing followers:

  1. Possible account ban: suspicious activity, connected to boosting the followers' number, can lead to your Telegram account being blocked. This can seriously damage your image and stop the development of your channel. However, in most cases accounts are not blocked, but illegitimate followers are deleted.

  2. Inaccurate target audience: some follower boosting services can attract an audience that is not your target group or looks like a bunch of bots with the same names and avatars, which can reduce the effectiveness of your content and worsen user engagement.

Effective use of boosting followers' number

It is a powerful tool for expanding the audience of your Telegram channel. However, to maximize its efficiency and avoid negative consequences, you need to use this method wisely.

1. Set realistic limits

The first step is to set limits on the number of new followers per day. This will help avoid suspicion from the platform and users, as well as keep your channel looking natural.

Remember that gradual growth is more preferable than a sudden spike in the number of subscribers.

If your channel has just been created or has a small audience, it is better to start with 20 to 50 subscribers per day, and gradually increase this number as the activity and trust of the channel grows.

2. Choosing quality methods of recruiting

We have already suggested some ways:

Depending on your preferences and capabilities, choose the most reliable one to avoid the risk of account blocking and save the reputation of your channel and, of course, to save your finances.

3. On-time monitoring and analysis of results

Timely monitoring and analyzing the results of your activity is no less important. Carefully track changes in audience activity, engagement levels and other metrics. This will help you identify effective boosting methods and quickly react to any negative changes.

4. Avoid risks

Boosting the number of followers carries some risks, including possible account bans and not appropriate selection of your target audience. To avoid these risks, stick to your chosen limits, choose high-quality boost methods, and analyze your results regularly.

Effective use of gaining followers on Telegram is a balance between the desire to increase your audience and taking care of your channel's reputation.


Provided you choose the right approach and use methods of boosting wisely, you can achieve significant results in increasing the numerical indicators and improving the reputation of the channel.

We invite you to study the presented methods of followers' number boosting and use them wisely to achieve your goals.