Warming-up Instagram accounts: how it works and why you need it

Warming-up Instagram accounts: how it works and why you need it

An overview of the current situation with Meta (Facebook) and Instagram

Meta as a changing platform

Recent changes, including the renaming to Meta, emphasize the company's desire to become more large-scale and future-oriented. In this context, Instagram, as part of Meta's product group, is also undergoing some changes.

Changing of algorithms, increasing security requirements and changes in advertising policies emphasize the importance of smart account warm up to achieve goals.

What is account warm-up and why is it important?

Instagram accounts' warm-up is the process of preparing new or inactive accounts for further use in marketing and promotion. This process involves a series of actions aimed at generating activity, building trust with the platform, and preventing account bans.

The main goal of warming up accounts is to make an account as natural and trustworthy as possible for Instagram's algorithms. This helps you avoid blockings and restrictions, as well as increases the chances of successful promotion and monetization of the account.

Preparing your account for advertising gray offers

When running ads on Instagram, you need to be aware of the risks associated with potential account blocking or banning. The platform's algorithms carefully control user activity and can quickly recognize unusual behavior. Therefore, it is important to take certain steps to prepare your account.

Steps to successfully warm up an account:

  1. Proper registration: use a new phone number and IP when registering an account. It is preferable to register with a smartphone. A virtual sim card for creating an account can be found at

  2. Geolocation: remember that your IP must match the geolocation of the phone you register with. Good proxies for changing geo can be found at

  3. Filling out information: fill out your account fully with information about yourself using realistic data.

  4. Increase activity gradually: start with minor actions such as likes, subscriptions and comments to make the account as natural as possible.

  5. Binding Facebook: add your Instagram account to Facebook to confirm you are a real person and get access to your advertising account.

  6. Ads Budget: do not consider a large budget for the first advertising campaign. Spend at least $10-15 on advertising so that Instagram algorithms realize that you plan to run regular campaigns and your payment details are legitimate.

Adding your account to Facebook significantly increases the credibility of your account

  • Binding Facebook demonstrates that your account belongs to a real person.

  • By adding your account to Facebook, you gain access to your Instagram advertising account.

  • Bind your Instagram account to a real Facebook profile (buy here) to avoid any suspicion by the platform.

  • Make sure your Facebook privacy settings allow your Instagram account to interact with other users.

Advertising on Instagram: prospects and opportunities

Thanks to its unique features, such as visually appealing content and geo-tagging, advertising on Instagram brings surprisingly good results.

Opportunities for monetization and advertising offers

  • Promoting products and services: Instagram provides excellent opportunities to promote various products and services through its features such as promotional posts, stories and IGTV.

  • Affiliate Marketing: the ability to collaborate with influencers and brands allows you to effectively promote products and get profit from affiliate programs.

  • Advertising Offers: warmed up accounts and properly set up advertising campaigns allow you to successfully promote a variety of offers, including those that may be restricted by advertising policies, as long as the necessary precaution measures are taken.

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