Discord - more than just a “skype” for gamers

Discord - more than just a “skype” for gamers

A next-gen communication platform

Discord was originally created as a platform for gamers, offering an intuitive means for voice and text communication during the game process. Over time, it has grown into a feature-rich communication tool, attracting users from a variety of spheres, starting from musicians and artists to cryptocurrency traders and NFT creators.

Popular Communities on Discord

  1. Game Servers: from small groups meeting for cooperative sessions to large servers with thousands of members. There are many official communities.

  2. Cryptocurrency channels: the platform has become home to many crypto communities, including trading groups, developer communities, and blockchain startups.

  3. NFT projects: artists, collectors and merchants use Discord to promote their NFTs, share experiences and hold auctions.

  4. Educational groups: a lot of educational platforms and individuals create courses and workshops on Discord, offering real-time content and interaction.

Each community uses Discord's unique features such as voice channels, extensive customization and integration capabilities, making it an ideal platform for digital interaction.

Examples of popular NFT and crypto servers:

  1. OpenSea Discord Server:
    The largest NFT trading platform which uses its Discord server to quickly communicate with users, announce new events, and provide customer service.

  2. Rarible:
    OpenSea's competitor, also operates an active Discord server that requires verification to participate, providing a high level of trust and secure communication.

  3. Friends With Benefits (FWB):
    This server is created as an exclusive community for FWB token holders, offering a space to discuss cultural and financial initiatives in NFT and cryptocurrency.

What is the purpose of buying Discord accounts?

  1. Faster registration and access to resources:
    Buying a Discord account allows users to bypass the initial verification and waiting stages that can be demanding on popular servers with high levels of moderation. This is especially important in communities where account verification is required to participate in discussions and access resources.

  2. Access to private groups:
    Many exclusive Discord servers, especially in the areas of NFT and cryptocurrencies, provide access only to verified or invited members. 

  3. Participation in exclusive Airdrops:
    Account holders of specialized servers often get the benefit of participating in Airdrops of cryptocurrencies and tokens. This can be very lucrative, especially when you consider the current popularity and value of many digital assets.

What types of Discord accounts are available on

It's important to understand the differences between account types in order to choose the most appropriate one.

1. New and old accounts

  • New accounts: clean, as they do not have any previous interactions and allow you to build your own reputation from scratch. Usually cheaper and good for setting up a farm.

  • Old Accounts: have a use history and they are often preferred by those looking for immediate credibility within communities. Good for marketing as well as participating in airdrop and whitelist.

2. Nitro Subscription Accounts


Nitro subscription provides users with the following opportunities:

  1. Customized and animated emoji and stickers

  2. Increased file upload limit up to 500 MB

  3. HD streaming

  4. Server Boosts and discounts on additional Boosts

  5. Profile Updates and Server Profiles

  6. Exclusive offers and products in the Nitro store

It's important to note that the subscription has multiple levels. At the moment, only Nitro and Nitro Basic are officially available. Nitro Classic is not available for purchase.

The list of features changes from time to time, so check the official website of the platform to get the latest information.

How to choose the appropriate Discord account?

  • Gamers need accounts that support integrations with gaming platforms and provide access to gaming communities. It is important to have a Nitro subscription for improved voice chat quality and the ability to share your screen in high resolution.

  • It is important for traders and investors to have access to exclusive investment communities and channels where trades and strategies are discussed. Accounts with pre-installed 2FA and the ability to log in by token for fast performance will be really suitable.

What factors to pay attention to when choosing an account

It is important to consider additional features, such as integrations with other platforms. If you are buying an account for in-depth work, then check its reputation and history on the platform.

  1. Reputation: accounts with a bad reputation may be blocked or restricted from accessing certain features or communities.

  2. Security: accounts with cases of rules violation may be compromised or used for fraud.

  3. Fit for purpose: accounts with a certain history of activity may more or less fit your purposes, for example, in the spheres of marketing or social activities.

Practical use of Discord accounts

Now you've chosen the right account, but what to do with it?

Using Discord for gaming

  1. Gamers use Discord to create and manage communities where they can schedule sessions, discuss strategies, and share content. Large gaming clans use Discord to coordinate sessions, run tournaments, and manage team communication.

  2. Streamers use Discord to interact with subscribers in real time, creating paid private Discord servers where subscribers can receive personal interaction and exclusive content.

  3. NFT artists and creators use Discord to interact directly with collectors, hold auctions, and promote new releases. They offer discounts and host interactive sessions with fans.

  4. Traders and investors discuss trends, share analytics and scam warnings in specialized crypto communities, provide a place to discuss strategies and share market information.

Examples of successful communication and marketing strategies implementation via Discord

  • Creating exclusive content: early access to information, exclusive interviews or products can significantly increase subscribers' engagement and loyalty.

  • Using bots for automation: here, almost like it is on Telegram, bots can automate routine tasks such as accepting new members, moderating, and running giveaways and contests, which increases user engagement and retention.

  • Community Feedback and Engagement: using feedback channels to gather user suggestions and opinions helps shape products and services that are aimed at the needs and interests of your audience.

How to maximize the use of purchased Discord accounts

  1. Profile personalization:

Set a profile image and cover that match your theme or brand. Describe your interests, specialization, and what you offer in the bio, which will help other users more quickly understand who you are and what you work with.

  1. Integration with other tools:

Use bots and integrations to automate routine tasks like accepting new members, sending out notifications of important events, or managing moderation. 

  1. Customize notifications:

Set up notifications and provide your contact info, so you can stay tuned and get info about important discussions without information overload. This will help you respond quickly to messages and participate in relevant discussions.

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