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We do not only offer ChatGPT accounts at Hstock, but also provide the option to choose the appropriate one:

  • Telegram Tdata Accounts: transfer the downloaded tdata files into a folder replacing the contents (all telegram apps on your PC must be closed at that time).
  • Telegram SESSION+JSON accounts: Session + Json (format for special software). Choose the received files in the program and it's all done!

Why Buy Telegram Accounts?

  1. Audience Expansion: purchasing Telegram accounts will allow you to quickly expand your audience and attract new subscribers.
  2. Effective Marketing: Telegram is a great platform for promoting products and services. Active accounts with subscribers will help you interact with your target audience effectively.
  3. Flexible Options: we have accounts for everyone: accounts with available balance, premium accounts and those registered with a mail.

Whom is it suitable for?

  • Marketers and entrepreneurs looking for new ways of promotion.
  • Social media professionals looking to expand their exposure.
  • Those who value effective solutions and a quick start on Telegram.
  • Fans of raffles and drops in Telegram channels.

As a resource, Telegram opens up access to other services and tools:

  1. Telegram Passport: having a Telegram Passport, you can log into various websites and services using your Telegram credentials.
  2. Medium: this is a platform for blogging and reading articles. You can log in to Medium using your Telegram account.
  3. some regional news sites and online payment services in the CIS countries, such as, provide an option to log in using your Telegram account.
  4. GetContact: it is an application for identifying and blocking unwanted calls. You can log in to the app using your Telegram credentials.
  5. Kwork: this is a freelancing platform. You can log in to Kwork using your Telegram account.

Many other resources open their access to Telegram users!

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