Having purchased a VKontakte account on Hstock, you get unique opportunities!

We offer not only VK accounts at Hstock, but also an opportunity to choose the appropriate one.

What you can buy on our marketplace:

  1. Auto registered VK. This means that you purchase a page registered by a special software. Such accounts are usually created for further sale, and most likely, you will be the only owner.
  2. Retrieve VK. This involves the purchase of a real page created by a real person who for some reason lost access to it. Retrieve accounts' access is restored through a registered email.
  3. Inactive VK. You will get an account that does not have a phone number added to it, which requires you to enter captcha when performing various actions.
  4. Active VK. You will get an account with an added phone number, which provides a higher level of freedom without captcha input.

What one should know about accounts:

Non-use time is the time that has passed since you changed your password or created an account. Accounts with a long non-use time are usually more reliable and more expensive.

Fake is an account created under a fictitious identity.

Profile Completeness is the level of info completeness on a VK account. The better a profile is filled out, the more trustworthy it is and the higher its value.

Using Vkontakte data, you get access to a wide list of services and sites.

Here are a few popular sites and platforms where you can use Vkontakte data to log in:

  1. Yandex: allows you to use your VKontakte account for authorization.
  2. Odnoklassniki ( as another social network, often offers login through a VKontakte account.
  3. VKontakte owners can use their VKontakte credentials to log in to
  4. Avito: a popular ads site allows you to log in using VKontakte.
  5. HeadHunter: a job search platform supports login via VKontakte.
  6. Kinopoisk: a service for finding information about movies, where you can use your VKontakte account.
  7. Delivery Club: a service for ordering food can also provide login via VKontakte.
  8. Kinomania: another movie resource that offers login via VKontakte.
  9. Flamp: a service for finding reviews of companies and establishments. Signing in via VKontakte makes it easy to register.
  10. Strava: a platform for sports and activity tracking.

How can VKontakte accounts be useful?

VKontakte is not just a social network, but it is the whole world that offers a rich set of functions and opportunities. This popular resource with a multi-million audience provides useful tools for a wide variety of user needs.

Social networking and communication: VKontakte is a great place to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. You can exchange messages, share photos and videos, organize events, and more. With the ability to create groups by interests, you can easily find like-minded people and become part of a community.

Information Center: VKontakte is a great source of news and up-to-date information. Many public pages where you can subscribe to topics of interest allow you to stay informed and keep informed.

Cultural space: music, videos, movies and books, all this can be found in VKontakte. The platform provides unique opportunities for creative fulfillment, allowing users to post their works and find creative inspiration in others.

Business and self-promotion: VKontakte is becoming an increasingly popular tool for business. Here you can create public pages for companies, run advertising campaigns, attract customers and develop your brand. Groups and communities allow you to gather an audience with common interests.

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