List of goods and services prohibited for sale

  1. Any goods and services that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, the United States, Canada, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the European Union.
  2. Any stolen digital goods
  3. Any databases containing personal data
  4. Goods or services created to deceive users or government agencies, including identity documents, service IDs, pass documents, medical certificates, blank documents, frames for reversing vehicle registration plates, speedometer correction services, counterfeit money, neodymium magnets, vehicle documents, etc.
  5. Goods and services that violate privacy or contain state, bank, commercial or other secrets;
  6. Trojan programs and virus software;
  7. Programs or scripts for hacking and unauthorized information obtaining;
  8. Goods that contain advertisements of third-party resources, stores, trading platforms, etc. in the title, description or content.
  9. Any goods or services related to financial fraud and scams
  10. Goods or services related to narcotic substances
  11. DDoS services
  12. Goods or services of a pornographic or erotic nature
  13. Goods that infringe copyright
  14. Goods related to or affecting the rights of U.S. or Canadian citizens, their relatives, and other dependent individuals