Facebook Ads Accounts and Business Managers
1 facebook account holds 9 accounts limit 250
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1 facebook account holds 9 accounts limit 250$

FIRST OF ALL, THIS IS A autoregistration accounts please use singapore or philipin proxy for work 
you can buy proxy at this website



-Two Factor-Authentication code (6-digits code, SMS code...) is required.


Access and paste 2FA secret (Secondary password) to get code.


Youtube Link how to do :



-Format: Login(UID)|Password|2FA secret| Email | Pass mail 

To check this account is verified, please visit this link :


** WARNING **  


-Use to login.


**  Here are the steps to login **  ** ** ** ** ** 


 Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a proxy and keep it in a separate browser for 24 hours before starting to do anything else:


Step 1: Obtain a Proxy

The first step is to obtain a   proxy. There are many proxy providers available online, so choose one that suits your needs. You can purchase a proxy plan or use a free trial if available.


Step 2: Set Up Your Proxy


Once you have obtained a   proxy, the next step is to set it up on your computer. This can vary depending on the proxy provider, but usually, you will receive instructions on how to set up your proxy once you have made a purchase.


Step 3: Use a Separate Browser


It is recommended to use a separate browser for your proxy connection. This will ensure that your browsing history and cookies are kept separate from your regular browsing activities. You can download a separate browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Step 4: Use Your Own RDP

It is recommended to use your own RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to log in. This will add an additional layer of security and protect your personal information. You can download an RDP client such as Microsoft Remote Desktop or any other RDP client of your choice.

Step 5: Log In Using Your Browser and Proxy

Once you have set up your proxy and RDP, log in to your RDP client and launch your separate browser. Enter the login details for your proxy connection and start browsing using your  proxy.

Step 6: Keep Your Proxy Connection Active with your account for 24 Hours


To ensure that your proxy connection is stable and secure, it is recommended to keep it active for 24 hours before starting to do anything else. This will help to avoid any potential issues with your proxy connection.

In conclusion, using a   proxy can be a great way to protect your online privacy and access content that may not be available in your region. By following these simple steps, you can set up your US proxy and keep it in a separate browser for 24 hours before starting to do anything else. Remember to use your own RDP and browser to log in for an additional layer of security.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 


-THE FIRST TIME you login in these accounts in 24 hours, and if you find out getting banned and couldn't login in sucessfully, you can get free replacement! DON'T RESET THE PASSWORD. ONCE YOU FIND SOMETHING WRONG WITH LOGIN, PLEASE CONTACT US! 


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File format

uid / password / 2fa / mail / passmail


Registration method: Autoreg
Profile fullness: Fully