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2017 registered, 2FA account, Include Microsoft Mail Need sms confirmation ,registered from different countries
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A fact sheet stating that no replacement or refund can be made!

  1. The account has been disabled, and it cannot be proved that the account was disabled without using it before purchasing the product (Facebook will display the specific disabled time after it is disabled, and due to the international time difference, it will be within 24 hours of the local time difference).
  2. An exception occurs on the account and needs to be verified.

Account Usage Rules:

  1. Before logging in to the account, clear the browser cache or uninstall the mobile APP and reinstall it.
  2. The account can only be logged in through account secret login, cookie login and mobile APP login. Direct login through the website account password is prohibited, otherwise the device will verify and cannot replace the account.
  3. Do not modify the data immediately after logging in to the account. If you need to modify the data, modify it 48 hours after logging in, otherwise there will be a high probability of exceptions.
  4. Do not log in to multiple accounts using the same network IP address. Otherwise, accounts may be suspended.

Help document

2FA uses the Google plugin:

cookie login uses plug-ins:


Registration method: Autoreg
Profile fullness: Partially
Gender: Mix.