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Facebook API Canada Account
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Important! To use this format, you will need to provide the mobile device/special software
Canada+1 number
Accounts are provided in API format with no cloud password. 
A high quality proxy/VPN is required to use these accounts.
Account Format: Number|Association
How do I use these accounts?
1. Enter the phone number you received in Facebook for Mobile
2. Send the code 
3. Click on the received link (next to the phone number)
4. Enter the code provided on the website
5. Fill in the required information
6. Account is available
Store Rules:  
The buyer is required to make a video recording of the screen from the moment of purchase and during the verification/checking of the account.
Check product within 1 hour, screen recording must prove VPN/proxy usage 
A temporary 3 day geo restriction may exist.
The geo-spam block will be removed manually or passed after a period of time, after which it can be sent/invited, even to non-reciprocal contacts.
Initial account activation is done using a mobile device.
By purchasing, you automatically agree to these rules.
Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you of responsibility.

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Registration method: Manual
Profile fullness: Partially
Gender: Mix.