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Gmail acc Manual registration IP IRAN Confirmed by SMS Gender: mix

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Registered manually
Registered from Iranian IP
Headers and interface in Russian, Iranian and English
Gender: MIX
Vacation 7+ days
for email and password

Account Login Instructions:
First open FireFox, log in to gmail to register an account once you see a login window in front of you, consisting of a field where you need to enter your email address or phone number.
1) Enter the email address without adding the @ sign and suffix. Click next
2) Enter the password from the file
3) A page of 4 options will appear. We click on the third option which is to confirm through the backup email address and then we enter the full backup email address. Next
4) A page appears asking us to fill in the account information. We click skip.
That's it, the page is yours X)

File format

login, password


Registration method: Manual
Country of registration: