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30 + Days, Mobile IP, Hotmail, + AUTH_TOKEN
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• 30 + Days,

• Registered country Turkey.
• Authenticated with Hotmail.
• Mixed name.
• High quality 4.5G Mobile IPs for Twitter accounts.

Account format:
• ID:Pass:Mail:MailPass:Auth_Token
Mail is included (may require confirmation by SMS).

I always check and post my accounts.
I create accounts that you will never have problems with when used correctly.

*Fees are non-refundable in the following cases;

*If the account appears active,
*If the account is locked after performing multiple transactions,
*If the account is permanently suspended after multiple transactions,
*If the 'Change Password' warning is received while logging into the account.

*Please renew your IP address while logging into your account. Otherwise, Twitter may ask you for additional verifications due to your questionable login attempts.

Let me know the problems you are having.
Good luck.

File format



Profile fullness: Partially
Having AUTH_TOKEN: Yes