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python script to create unlimited Mail full access open source Read Description.
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tاis is fake mail gen that i creat with open source 

otp get and u can active it with seconds unlimited accounts

this is video for explain

Read All before buy...

u must know how to use it by watching video

script with only python + its open source

if there any updates u will get it free

If you buy that mean you read all there and understand everything
in future if u buy it and i updated it you can contact me and take the update for free
No refund After recive open source -if u tell that you didnt understand python dont buy cause in this time u recived source code and can take it then ask to refund then u will be scamming me by take source for free so its not allowed.......
you can edit and replace everything as you want
you can convert app to exe to sell it to users by using



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