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Telegram accounts for spam and invite

✔️ Confirmed by SMS mix
✔️ Surname and first name in Russian
✔️ Reclining (from the date of creation to purchase) from 4 months
✔️ Not in a spamblock
✔️ Two-factor authentication is enabled (so that the account is not hijacked), the password is in the file next to the acc
✔️ Gender: mix (male + female)
✔️ Format: TDATA (for accounts to work, you will need a Portable version of Telegram (not in the archive, you need to download from the official website ))
✔️ The size of accounts is compressed as much as possible
✔️ Registered through the official Android client, have a large trust from Telegram


Instruction manual:

1) Follow the link(s) from the text file received after purchase, click "Download all"
2) Unpack the downloaded archive and put the file there Telegram.exe (not in the archive, you need to download the link from the official website). I.e. the tdata folder and the file Telegram.exe must be in the SAME directory

It is important to download the latest version of Telegram, otherwise the account


Registration method: Autoreg
Gender: Mix.