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About us

The account has been verified within 48 hours before the sale of the account. We try our best to ensure the quality, not to delay the customer's time, and to save the customer's verification.

Store rules

1. New customers are recommended to buy a small amount first, and it is recommended to buy 1-2 for business testing. If everything is ok, then buy in bulk!
2 Provides one hour detection time from new IP, clean browser to log into each new account, otherwise you will not be able to log in otherwise. Authorize accounts from IPs from different countries at your own risk, may require text messages or cause accounts to be blocked, and claims will not be accepted. Use of the account for illegal purposes is prohibited. After purchase, all responsibility for the account passes to the buyer.Buyers are responsible for any illegal activities using the account. I do not tolerate spam (i.e. commercial emails sent without the recipient's prior consent) and the use of accounts for any fraudulent activity.