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About us

Welcome to Account Auctioneer Store

What We Offer:

  • High-Quality Accounts: Verified and secure.
  • Easy Access: Seamless purchase experience.
  • Auth Token Support: Compatible with Cookie Editor.

Our Mission:

Simplifying Twitter account acquisition with a secure and user-friendly platform.

Thanks for choosing us. We're here to serve you!

Store rules

How to Use Auth Token with Cookie Editor

Step 1: Download Extension
Go to Chrome Web Store and install the Cookie Editor extension for Chrome.

Step 2: Open Cookie Editor
Click the Cookie Editor icon in your Chrome toolbar to open it.

Step 3: Insert Auth Token
Locate the relevant field in Cookie Editor and paste your Auth Token there.

Step 4: Save & Refresh
Save changes and refresh the page to complete the authentication.

File Format for Accounts:

Use the following format, separated by colons: