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ACCOUNT DETAILS: You will receive the following information: Facebook ID, Facebook Password, associated Email, Email Password, 2FA Code, Cookies, and the Business Manager (BM) link.

REPLACEMENT POLICY: For Business Manager, replacements are available within 24 hours, and for profiles, within 3 days. Should any issues arise with these accounts within the 3-day period, we will either replace them or resolve the issue. After 3 days, we will not be responsible.

DELIVERY TIMING: Your accounts will be delivered to you promptly.

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Hello, the items I offer include both standard Facebook accounts and specialized Facebook business accounts. Each product is exactly as depicted. Our warranty policy guarantees a one-to-one replacement if any details are incorrect, such as a wrong password or an error with the Business Manager's limit.

I appreciate your interest in what I have to offer.

Purchasing Facebook Ads Accounts is beneficial for setting up advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram. These accounts are solely for accessing and managing Facebook advertising. They enable you to place ads for your brand, reaching the maximum possible audience. If you're planning to market or publicize your business, acquiring Facebook ads accounts is essential. We pride ourselves in offering the finest Facebook ads accounts available. Therefore, consider buying Facebook ads accounts today.