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About us

- Telegram and Whatsapp accounts

- Accounts manual registration and Autoreg

- Real and virtual Numbers

- Telegram: Tdata + Session

- Whatsapp: File Softwares and Nox Session

- All numbers a good quality control process, and have been tested.

Store rules

Dear users, you have a 1-hour window to review your account. Within this period, you are allowed to initiate a dispute. We recognize that each situation is unique, and we take into account all disputes, even if the hour has elapsed.

Account verification through a video is necessary for replacement.

- 1 account = 1 IP address (according to GEO)

- Do not IP Masking Tools: Do not access or launch accounts using IP masking technologies such as Tor, Hydra, Astro, or through any data center Ips

- IP Rotation: Usage of IP rotation services is mandatory to maintain the integrity and security of each account.

By making a purchase, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions