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About us

Our accounts quality is very good & we are very cooperative in case our buyers face any problem.

We have been working for over 2 years as a seller and our accounts are of good quality.

We do provide replacements if there is any problem with accounts.

We are selling low quantity of instagram accounts so buy as soon as possible. 

We are currently selling instagram accounts only.

We do accept large orders and you can contact us for personal customized orders.

You can contact us via Hstock dispute function or direct message on Hstock to get our contact details.

Store rules

These rules are in place to safeguard against fraudulent activities and false accusations. We've been operating since 2020, and we pledge to apply these rules fairly and only against those attempting deceit.

1. Report non-working accounts within the specified product timeframe.
2. Accounts are considered used upon login, but the warranty starts at purchase.
3. Using accounts leading to bans or spam blocks invalidates disputes.
4. Test with a small quantity first.
5. Disputes require a video showing the entire checking process from purchase to login.
6. Even for suspended accounts, we'll evaluate replacements based on suspension date.
7. For password issues, submit a video without protest.
8. Don't post negative reviews without prior disputes.
9. Our rules override product-specific ones in case of conflict.

Note: Violating these rules voids disputes without compensation. Purchasing implies agreement, whether read or not.