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About us

We provide high-quality accounts in various social networks. All our accounts are registered manually without the use of automation programs.


Our accounts quality is very good & we are very cooperative in case our buyers face any problem.

We encourage you to reach us, in case you face any problem. 


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Store rules

1. If the account isn't working make a dispute within 24 hours. 2. If there's mentioned any amount of followers, then there will be followers in the accounts but as the accounts are manually created by human and the followers are real people they can unsubscribe at any time. 3. Only create a dispute if any account isn't working and we will replace the account. 4. The account in which the followers are mentioned exactly the same will have same amount or high then the told amount. 5. In case if you make a dispute saying that the password is incorrect, we are allowed to deal with the dispute our own way(having all rights).