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About us

Welcome everyone to my store, thank you very much! Thanks to my friends who support me!
I sell a large number of Apple IDs (worldwide) and will also sell accounts for various software in the future
As a seller, I must ensure the stability of my account, and sincerity to my friends is something I have always insisted on! I am also a very sincere person myself.
Of course, no one can be perfect. When I make a mistake and cause losses to my friends, I am willing to compensate and apologize! I also hope to sit down together and discuss the issues. This is what I need, I hope my friends can tolerate me, thank you!

Store rules

First of all, thank you friends for purchasing my products. I need to assure you of the stability of your account, and you can rest assured on this. Of course my price will be very high. You don’t have to worry about your account not working. You can keep using it and if any problems arise,