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Hello! i am KAKAROT , i Have a Experience Selling Manually Registered Gmails From Last two Years With Above 90% of Positive Reviews.In My Store Kakarot you will Find world best Quality Gmails And cheaper than other Market Place. I Always Provide Excellent Services To My Costumers. i love my All Coustumers.

Store rules


1. When paying for the goods, the buyer should read the rules of the store, Discription of the store.

2. The purchased Goods cannot be returned, but in cases of showing Error you have to send a screenshot or video of first login. it is Compulsary.

3. Check the product after purchase. If a problem occurs - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, reports immediately. The time to check the goods after purchase is 1 hours. After the specified period, you are responsible for the purchased goods and the goods cannot be replaced or returned.

4. Do not use vpn or any type of proxy to login Accounts. because proxy kill Accounts.

5. All Accounts in Our Store Register by myself.

6. If you need additional coustumized Accounts Contact me on Telegram.i will help you.

7. We Sales High Quality Gmails and many other Accounts.

8. We Sale Always Good products and Always give first perioty to our Clients.