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✔️ Tracking (from the date of creation to purchase) from 3 days
✔️ Verified by SMS
✔️ Registered from mobile/residential IPs
✔️ Registered through the official client for Android, have a large trust on the part of Telegram
✔️ Account format : (JSON + SESSION)
● Auto-Registration 
● First and last name in farsi/malaysia/indonesia letters.
● Add avatar
● 2FA (two-factor authentication) is enabled
JSON+Session ● Applicable for all purposes
Accounts are not used and are uniquely yours!
No one can used the account except buyer  First, buy a small number of accounts and test them. Test invites or mailings in small batches - getting into the spam filter can instantly destroy any bundle of accounts. it is very important to use high-quality paid proxies.

Store rules

Recommendations for use: IMPORTANT!
Non-valid is replaced only on presentation of a video with manual verification, from the moment of registration of the order and finishing a login in the account, without interruption of video. If you do not provide a video, the replacement may be denied. Use 1 proxy (account countries ideally) per 1 account. Do not use public proxy and public vpn. Open no more than 1 account at a time. Once Purchased, Close all Third-Party Sessions to Ensure your connection is the only active connection to Account.