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About us

Coming from a novice shop, if I encounter any problems I will help deal with them in time, and I hope everyone can be patient.

Store rules

✅ Automatically register an Instagram account.
✅Log in with account number + password
✅ The time to view the product after purchase is 2 hour. After the specified period, you are responsible for the product you purchased and the product cannot be exchanged or returned. You should not run 30 accounts for 1 agent.
⚠️IMPORTANT: Any Instagram account can request confirmation via SMS when logged in or at work. This is considered normal. You can confirm the activation of the service via phone number or text message.
✅ Account profile gender mixed. Profile is incomplete
❌If you use one IP address to log in to multiple accounts, multiple accounts will be banned.
ℹ️Solutionℹ️Use a different browser to log in (also requires a clean IP)
⚠️Disclaimer: Successful login means the transaction is completed (successful login means the account is normal, no refund will be given if banned)