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M31store — stability and quality

Our store provides high-quality Supercell game accounts and Instagram accounts. Buying accounts from us, you can be sure that you are not overpaying extra money, and only you have access to your account.


Store rules

Rules for buying Supercell accounts:

1. You have bought an email login and password
2. In the game, in the settings, find the "Supercell ID" button
3. Specify the email address you bought
4. A code will be sent to the mail, enter it in the game

To request an account replacement or refund, the buyer (you) must conduct a video (screen recording) of the purchase from the very beginning of the purchase [the moment before payment and receipt of data is considered the beginning]. The video should be whole, without pauses, breaks or inserts. The time to check your account after purchase is 60 minutes.
Advice: Record the screen from your smartphone, so you can buy an account on the site and immediately log in to it on your device, in one take.

It is not necessary to make a video recording — M31store guarantees that only you have access to all the accounts you have purchased.