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About us

For quite a few years, we have been registering and selling accounts !

All accounts are produced by us !


Правила магазина / Store rules . If you purchase accounts in our store , you agree to the user agreement for the account :

1. Purchased accounts from us are refundable only if the account is not valid.
An account is considered not valid if the user could not log in to it.
* replacement of accounts is made only by video, from purchase to login to the account.

2. Time to check accounts 24 hours, time to create a ticket .

3. Refunds/replacements are not made after logging into your account, or if you logged into your account and something happened to it, the problem is most likely on your side (proxy, software, VPN, etc.).

Store rules

Dear customers, replacement accounts are made within 24 hours after purchase, if you notice not valid accounts, make a ticket immediately !

Account replacement is made only if you provide a video from purchase to login !


For login use only good proxies, resedent, mobile !