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About us

Welcome to the RafaStore USA. Our main product is the old Facebook USA account with friends. 2FA enabled, IP login of any country is supported, the account is very strong and is delivered with the original email and email password. You are welcome to cooperate with us!

Store rules

Account abnormalities caused by the following issues will not be able to provide replacement or refund:

1. Use your original (local, home)IP address;

2. Use VPN services (paid, free, built-in (OPERA-VPN), etc.);

3. Use illegally obtained agents and equipment (including but not limited to botnets, etc.);

4. Login to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy server;

5. You made changes to your account within 24 hours of purchase;

6. It is not used according to the rules described in the article;