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We are trusted and reliable seller and even our prices for buy any accounts are very low as the comparison to other sellers. You will get all accounts best quality. And we never resell your requested accounts to any one other clients in future. 1. Guarantee Best quality 2. Constant check of accounts , which practically excludes invalid ones. 3. Keeping accounts before selling. 4. Instant online shopping. 5. Convenient purchase through familiar payment services. 6. Friendly support. 7. Time to check 24h. 8. Selling from 1 piece for the opportunity to test accounts for your goals and trust in the store . 9. Refund / replacement if not valid. 10. All sales are strictly in one hand! 11. All accounts offered through this Store are 100% legal, which were registered manually or automatically with Residential proxy services. We never sell stolen, illegal or compromised accounts. 12. We have Zero Tolerance SPAM policy. Our accounts cannot be used to send out any e-mails. You assume full responsibility for anything you're doing with accounts after you purchase them. So, guys, hope buying account from our Store will be a good experience to you and you will get more benefits of it. For buying further social media accounts like gmail Hotmail,yahoo and others you can visit our Store Thank you for visiting here.

Store rules

RULES AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE OF GOODS 1. When paying for the goods, the buyer automatically confirms that he is familiar with the rules of the store, the description of the goods. 2. The purchased product cannot be returned, except in cases of its invalidity (if the account is blocked, deleted, there was a mistake in the description of the product). 3. Check the product immediately after purchase. If a problem occurs - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, report immediately. The time to check the goods after purchase is 24 hours. After the specified period, you are responsible for the purchased goods and the goods cannot be replaced or returned. Buy the quantity of goods that you can check within the allotted time. 3.1 Refunds / replacements will not be made after logging into your account, or if other purchase requirements specified below are violated. Practice shows that if you are logged into your account, then the problem is most likely on your side (proxy, software, vpn, etc.) Therefore, check your accounts before logging into them. The validity of accounts is checked by its id (example: After you log into your account, no changes are made. 4. Before buying, ask all questions in support at the specified contacts. If you were inattentive when choosing a product and buying it, then make claims that this is not what you need, not what you wanted to buy, and so on, remember that accounts must be replaced only if they are invalid. Accounts purchased by mistake are not exchanged for others and the funds spent on them are not refunded. 5. All sales in our store are made by one person only. 6. If there is a problem with the purchase of an item, contact support and be sure to immediately indicate the essence of the issue and purchase details. The more detailed you describe your problem / question, the faster we can solve it! 7. Remember that we are not involved in training to work with accounts, proxies, software. For other questions, there are special forums, blogs, communities. 8. The support service has the right to refuse to resolve the issue to the client and close the application without its permission, in the event of inappropriate behavior, the use of obscene language. WHEN USING ACCOUNTS, IT IS PROHIBITED: - To use your home (local) IP-address. - Use VPN services, both paid and free. - Use virtual machines, device emulators, VPS, VDS servers (only high-quality proxies are needed); - Use IPv6 - proxies, shared / public proxies. - Use a dynamic IP-address (dynamic IP is not a proxy, because other clients of your provider could use it before you); - Log in to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy. It is forbidden to use accounts for carding, fraud and any other actions that contradict the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Responsibility for any actions performed on purchased accounts after purchase and access to them lies solely with the buyer. Don't break the law. ACCOUNTS USE RULES: ONLY 1 private IPv4 proxy server and 1 new device (new UserAgent, a set of plugins, browser cache and / or cookies) are used for each account. By making a purchase from our store, you automatically accept this Agreement "Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Goods". Ignorance of the rules of the conditions for the purchase of goods does not relieve you of liability to the established rules of the service. In case of violation of the above points, replacements / refunds of accounts are not made. Important: Limited guarantee is applied. Kindly be informed that there is no refund or replacement after 24 hours guarantee period.