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About us

Twitter NFT account, high quality.

File format: login, password, email, ct0, auth_token

✅ They have an original and unique look.

✅ Confirm via email. Contains email but is currently unavailable

✅ Includes Cookies (Json).

✅ Added avatar + banner + bio + location + unique username/name.

Store rules

1. Obligations of the store

1.1. The store guarantees that the account will be valid for 20 days from the date of purchase.

1.2. If the account stops working before 20 days, the user can contact the store to change the account or obtain a refund.

2. Customer Obligations

2.1. The customer promises to verify the purchased account within 90 minutes from the date of purchase.

2.2. If the customer finds a defect in the account during this period, he or she can contact the store to change the account or get a refund.

2.3. If the customer does not find any defects in the account within 90 minutes, then he confirms that the account is working properly and fully meets his requirements.

2.4 Return applications will not be accepted for accounts that have been purchased and used.