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" Instantly get access to accounts purchased from us.

" Save time which is necessary for self-registration of pages.

" You get the opportunity to purchase an already promoted account that has a history, a bed, a nice design and real friends in large numbers.

" There is no risk that your account will be blocked completely if you adhere to the rules of page maintenance recorded in the characteristics of each page.

Store rules


Shop rules 1. Checking the goods within 1 hour, ONLY if there is a video recording of the screen! The buyer is obliged to make a video recording of the screen from the moment of purchase and during the verification / receipt of accounts. 2. When buying each product, there may be its own unique conditions, read them in the product name or in its description. 3. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from responsibility. 4. By making a purchase, you automatically agree to these rules. 5. Use only proxy - Smart proxy dc (there are no guarantees for the rest).