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2007-2022 Twitter NFT Accounts Customized +Auth_Token MAIL OR PHONE VERIFED
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2007-2022 Twitter NFT Accounts Customized +Auth_Token (MAIL OR PHONE VERIFED)

Common features of Twitter Accounts - 2007-2022:

Account Country in settings: MIX
Account Display Settings Language: English
Account Display(User page): Usually NFT, tech-crypto focused accounts
Followers: 0-100
Tweets: 0-10
Account Date: 2007 - 2016
Recovery Mail: Mail Verified - No Mail

If mail is wrong, login with auth token

login with auth_token if it asks for phone authentication

Only closed accounts are exchanged.

Format -> login:password:mail or phone:authtoken:ct0

*5% accounts can be withdrawn by users. Please change the passwords of the accounts to avoid loss after purchase.

*Please use new IP and new cookie when logging into your account. Otherwise, Twitter may ask you for additional verifications due to your questionable login attempts.

Let me know the problems you are having.
Good luck




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