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30-60 Days AuthToken-Ct0 - Сервисы Twitter Способ регистрации - Авторег Заполненность профиля - Частично Подписчики - 0-5
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Twitter Accounts Mail Verifed, 4.5 Mobile IP

Account Country in settings: MIX
Account Display Settings Language: English
Account Display(User page): Default Page
Followers: 0-2
Tweets: 0
Account Date: +30 - 60+ Days
Recovery Mail: Mail Verified

Format -> login:şifre:mail:mailpass:authtoken:ct0
or   login:şifre:mail:authtoken:ct0

mail works best IMAP

100 account gift for those who buy 1000 accounts

Please open dispute to get your gift accounts

*Please use new IP and new cookie when logging into your account. Otherwise, Twitter may ask you for additional verifications due to your questionable login attempts.

Let me know the problems you are having.
Good luck


Формат файла

login, password, mail, mailpass, authtoken, ct0


Способ регистрации: Авторег
Заполненность профиля: Частично