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Аккаунты Facebook Способ регистрации - Авторег Заполненность профиля - Частично Рег IP - Turkey Пол - Mix. Отлежка - Activated 2 Business Manager, acceptable for ads. Verified by email, email included.E-mails may be disabled. 2FA included. Cookies includ

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Facebook accounts description.

  • Registered from Turkey IP.
  • Activated 2 Business Manager-A, acceptable for ads.
  • Verified by email, email included.
  • The full name of the accounts can be anything, i.e. differ from country of registration.
  • Male or female.
  • Two types of profiles are possible. 1. Not filled at all profile. 2. Partially filled profile (notes, photos and other information)
  • The accounts names are in Latin (example: Engelina Danzo).
  • 2FA included.
  • Cookies are included.

1. The majority of Business Managers immediately have 250 USD limit;
2. It can be 50 USD ad compaign limit when you create it. But the limit can be inceased to 250 USD in 2-3 days.

Format of accounts.

  • facebook login:facebook password:mail:mail password:BM ID:BM ID:2FA code:Cookies (use 2fa.Live to decode 2FA code)

Формат файла

login, password, mail, BMID1, BMID2, 2FAcode, Cookies


Способ регистрации: Авторег
Заполненность профиля: Частично
Рег IP: Turkey
Пол: Mix.
Отлежка: Activated 2 business manager, acceptable for ads. verified by email, email included. 2fa included. cookies included.