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5-6 Month Old/Aged Facebook (2FA) Account, Verified By Fake-Temporary Mail (No Mail Password Working). Some Info Added. HQ, Google Authenticator App Activated., Login From Any IP.
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Facebook accounts are registered Manually.
Fake-Temporary E-Mail Are Verified (Mail Password Not Working)
USA Female Real Names.
5-6 Month Old/Aged Used Account.
Profile/Post Activity Are Added.
Account Quality High.
Profile Are Empty, May Be Some Info Are Added

Google authenticator app Are Activate (Including With secret Key) so You Can Login From Any IP / VPN / Proxy.
USA Female Real Names.
Account Quality High.
You Can Uses Any Of Service.
You Can Use Them On FB Vote.
You Can Re-Update Any Profile Information.
Accounts are registered in IP addresses of Different country.
Note: Every Account Login With New Ip / Proxy Every Time And always Must Be Clear Browser Cach / Cookies & Follow Facebook Terms & 30-35 Account Login/Work Then Restart Your Device. Then i hope don't will be disable/blocked your Facebook account. ...

Format of accounts

FBProfileID:FBpassword:FBEmailAddress:Mail-Password:2FA-Secret-Code OR FBProfile-ID:FBPassword
Recommendations for purchase.
- First buy a small number of accounts (up to 10) and check them
- Recommendations for using accounts: recommendations
- With which services you can work with accounts: a selection


Note: Facebook Update There New System. Say Login Faild/Wrong Password. When You Are Login From Others IP/Proxy If Not Match Register IP/Proxy And Login IP/Proxy. But Account Password Else Work If You Try Same Register IP/Proxy.

Recommendations: If Got Faild This Error, Plz Recover Facebook Password From Your Local IP/Proxy With Register E-Mail. Then You Got Login Successfully.,


N:B:  Google Authenticator Apps Use On Google Extension:


How To Login 2FA Facebook Account:

Youtube Video Link:


Формат файла

FB-Profile-ID, FB-Password, 2FA-Secret-Key

Формат файла

FB-Profile-ID, FB-Password, 2FA-Secret-Key


Способ регистрации: Ручная
Заполненность профиля: Частично
Рег IP: Bangladeshi ip
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