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2FA-active, 1-4 years old facebook account, 2 Business manager & 3 ads account included

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  • 2 Business manager included
  • Two-factor authentication active
  • Email added + email password
  • Total 3 ads account included
  • More than 1-4 years old account
  • More than 200-1000 friends
  • 100% Real user's account guaranteed 
  • Warranty applicable if the account gets disabled or login failed in given warranty period only
  • No warranty applies if the account gets an advertising restriction or ad account disabled due to unusual activities  


Способ регистрации: Ручная
Заполненность профиля: Полностью
Подтверждение по sms: Да
Рег IP: Bangladesh
Пол: Mix.
Отлежка: 1-4 years old