Instagram accounts|Self-registers|staying 2 months| 15-25 photos|100 subscribers

Instagram accounts|Self-registers|staying 2 months| 15-25 photos|100 subscribers

Магазин : Instareg-shop

On accounts 15-30 photo. 100 subscribers   Each account is warmed up as much as possible. Staying for 2 months. Registration was made by SMS.

issue format: log:pass|cookies

When paying for the goods, the buyer automatically confirms that he is familiar with the rules of the store, the description of the goods.  The purchased goods cannot be returned, except in cases of its invalidity (if the account is blocked, deleted, in the description of the goods there was a mistake).  Refunds / replacements will not be issued after logging into your account or in violation of other purchase requirements stated below.
 When authorizing 2 or more accounts, use different devices and proxies, one account - one proxy. We may refuse to replace or refund you if you used accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers on one computer / phone are one device). When using more than two accounts from one ip-address, it increases the ability to block any accounts. If you checked the purchased accounts with free software, a public checker and / or on public / used proxies, the accounts cannot be replaced.
When using VPN (Public or Paid) - there will be no replacement. It is prohibited to use virtual machines, device emulators, VPS, VDS servers, only proxies.  It is forbidden to use accounts for carding, fraud and any other actions that contradict the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Responsibility for any actions performed on purchased accounts after purchase and access to them lies solely with the buyer.
 Accounts purchased by mistake are not exchanged for others and funds spent on them are not refunded. The guarantee for accounts is 1 hour from the date of purchase, after which all responsibility lies with you, and the goods cannot be returned! The only proof that the account is not valid is recording a video of the screen without video editing and pauses from the moment of purchase


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