Telegram accounts - 25 pcs - JSON+SESSION - Autoreg Care - 4 days Avatar - yes Gender - Mix.

Telegram accounts - 25 pcs - JSON+SESSION - Autoreg Care - 4 days Avatar - yes Gender - Mix.

Магазин : TG-MASTER

Accounts show themselves very well in work in good limits with the right settings.


Any countries to order

first, check 2-5 accounts

in case of problems, immediately write in a telegram


we reccomend use this proxy


****if you need huge accounts please tell us


How to work with accounts correctly,

 to avoid bans and loss of accounts



... 1 account - 1 IP address (According to GEO. It is not necessary to use ON 30 accounts for 1 proxy, there is a possibility that because of one PROXY, the whole bunch of accounts will be banned.

... Do not exceed the limits from accounts! 

Mailing limit from 1 account 45 per day, do + - up to 20. Invite limit 50 per day, do + - up to 25

... Do not use cheap proxies, such proxies have been in the stop list for a long time.

... Using a TOP proxy, all responsibility and problems with your account fall only on you.

... Randomize all materials for work (text, links, media files)

... Use residential / mobile proxies with IP address rotation

... Use redirects (if there is a link). By redirecting you take bots away!

... If you are making a newsletter or an invite - do it for the maximum collected target audience (TA)

... If for some reason your account got into a flood, give it a rest (about a day), you do not need to persistently kill it and try to work with it.



 ‼ ️ GUARANTEE FOR ACCOUNTS 1 HOUR ❕❕❕ (subject to the Rules OR not working by them) ➖ in connection with aggressive behavior TELEGRAM



‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️ Rules

1.1 account = 1 IP address (according to GEO) 

2.Do not exceed limits.

Limit for mailing from = 45 on 24h.

Invite limits = 50 on 24h.

3.Do not use cheap procsi. You can find them in Top list. 

4.All responsibility for using TOP proxy is on you.

Randome all work material.

5. Use resident / mobile proxy with rotation IP addresses. 

6.Use redirects. 

7.Do mailing or invites for target audience.

8. If your account hits in flud, don't use it 1 hours. 


‼ ️You have guarantee for account durging 1 hours subject to the rules

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