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Аккаунты Telegram Способ регистрации - Авторег Отлежка - new Пол - Mix.
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Accounts ✨ TELEGRAM ✨

Account descriptions:

• Ideal for Spamming and Inviting

• Set 2-fa password (available mail (work))

• Telegram accounts created in the portable version.

• Gender MALE or FEMALE

• Avatar+Name

ATTENTION!!! inside the folder there will be a file "Password 2-fa and mail" there is a password to enter if required. 


✨ TELEGRAM ✨ accounts are completely clean!!! there are no groups

Instructions for use on the portable version:

After payment, you will receive a link to download a file with an already authorized profile, which you can immediately use in your work, or transfer to any other execution environment.


• Access exclusively from a pure private RF proxy! If you log in from a scorched IP, your account will be banned, in which case you will be denied a replacement.

• Make sure that another telegram is not open in the task manager, if it is open, then end all processes.

• Do not use free services to change IP, many people use them, and because of this, there may be a chance of an account ban.

• If you are not sure whether these accounts are suitable for you or not, take a small batch first, check and then order more)


Validity of accounts 100% There are no replacements for this product!


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✨TELEGRAM✨ Manual registration by +7 SMS (App api_id and App api_hash). portable. 2fa password. Ru ip.

✨TELEGRAM✨ Manual registration by +7 SMS. portable. WITHOUT 2fa password. Ru ip.


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Способ регистрации: Авторег
Отлежка: New
Пол: Mix.